Monday, October 29, 2007

Sahi Web Application Testing Tool

An interesting testing tool for web application is Sahi . Key feature is that it is very simple, and is entirely JavaScript and Java driven. A proxy injects JavaScript in your pages, allowing you to replay recorded scripts.

Only limitation so far is that it seems to conflict with Dojo; there are precious few bits of input on why that might be and what workarounds might be available. I guess we'll have to figure this one out ourselves.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ant tasks for SSH/SCP/SFTP

The documented way to copy files securely using SCP or SFTP is to use the scp task added in Ant 1.6. This task requires a library (jsch), which appears to work fine with SCP, but seems to mangle Windows file names under FTP (backslashes get removed).

I have since stumbled on another library called Maverick Ant, which is free but obfuscated. Maverick is said to be faster, have not tried it yet. See the Maverick Ant page

I use these files with freesshd as a task running on Windows computer for home use (we use Bitvise winsshd at work)